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Urban Necessities
3500 S. Las Vegas Blvd. #L-13B
Las Vegas, NV 89109

We are NOT processing any in-store pickups until further notice. If you would like to request an item back, log in to your account and submit a return request for "Ship Back".

  • Urban Necessities only accepts brand new items.
  • Add items to your dashboard at
  • Ship your items to us with the mail carrier of your choice; we recommend insuring and requiring signature confirmation of your packages.
  • Add your tracking number to the system after submitting your items.
  • Be sure to include the printed batch ID in every package that you ship; each package is it's own batch. Please limit each batch in your dashboard to what you can fit into one shipping box. (Example: If you have a box large enough to fit just 9 pairs of shoes, those items should be in the same batch and you should start a new batch for the next shipment box).
  • Please note that consignment shipments we receive - where items are NOT already in your dashboard and/or do not have a printed batch ID - will lose its place in priority of when we process them for intake. Sending goods to us that are unaccounted for places risk on your valued product and it creates bottlenecks in the consignment process.
  • Urban Necessities is not liable for any missing shipments that do not include signature confirmation. We also recommend including insurance on all shipments.
  • All items returned back to the seller will include signature confirmation and insurance in the shipping quote.

Terms of Payment

Payout Amount

For each item submitted to Urban Necessities for consignment, you shall select the “Payout Amount” to be disbursed to you following the sale of the product. Note that any cleaning, storage, banking or other fees in connection with your item (collectively referred to as “Consignment Fees”) shall be deducted from your Payout Amount upon the sale of the product. Alternatively, if your item is returned to you, all Consignment Fees shall become due and payable upon pick up or Urban Necessities’ shipment of the item to your return address.


Cleaning Fee

Any item submitted for consignment may require a cleaning before being placed on the Urban Necessities’ sales floor. If Urban Necessities determines that your item requires a cleaning, a fee of at least fifteen dollars ($15) shall be assessed to you. For the avoidance of doubt, the cleaning fee may exceed fifteen dollars ($15) depending on the condition of your item. 


Storage Fee

For each thirty (30) day period in which your item remains in Urban Necessities’ inventory, Urban Necessities charges a two dollar ($2) storage fee. The first storage fee shall be assessed on the thirtieth (30th) day in which your item is in Urban Necessities’ inventory. Thereafter, an additional storage fee shall be assessed every thirty (30) days until your item is either sold or returned to you.